Competition coaching

Leisure-Competition coaching

you have just bought or you own a sports car and you want to push it to its limits on a race track, I can give you advice and recommendations to help you do it in complete safety.

I will accompany you around a race track and we will work at your pace and according to objectives that we determine together.


Coaching Compétitions

If you want to start competing or improve over a season, I can help you in your training and during competitions. Advice, settings, data acquisition, mental and physical preparation... I will provide you with the best support so you will enjoy yourself more and your performance will increase over time.


If you want, I can coach groups with a maximum of three drivers a day.
At the beginning of the month, I will send newsletter subscribers my availability and the racetracks where I may be present.


1500 € inclusive of tax per day

1000 € inclusive of tax per participant per day for groups of two

800 € inclusive of tax per participant per day for groups of three