Formation Pilotage

International Driving and Racing Academy by XP Academy (I.D.R.A)

This body establishes a training label that defines the level of driving and educational content for driving students but also for instructors.
Driving students progress with a personalised and evolving program based on their level of driving. Instructors get training that enables them to monitor the quality of teaching.

Concerning the training of students drivers :

Training is set out in the following booklet.
It is broken down into five levels of driving from beginner to elite level. During your course at an XP Academy recognised centre, you will receive an assessment of your skills and you will know exactly at which level you are.

Concerning the training of instructors :

This includes a technical section ensure that all basic notions have been mastered as well as an educational section.
It is aimed at making up for any lack of specific training in high-performance GTs in the federal training cycle aimed at ensuring a high level of standards and creating an atmosphere that is more conducive to training between the student and his teacher. Annual continuous training is available to ensure that teaching methods are perfected and the range of levels in place evolves.