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We organise all types of motor sport events depending on your requirements: Driving Days, Racing Car Experience, Grand Prix days out, Go-Kart challenges …

After looking at your needs and expectations, we will identify a program together that suits you best. We'll deal with everything: transport, accommodation, catering, evenings …

With 20 years experience as a Professional Driver, I have a very wide network in all areas of motor sport enabling me to organise the event that's best for you on all French and European race tracks. (I can even organise events on ice).

For your works committee
Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, end of year gifts ... there are many opportunities to give someone a driving course. Based on the course that we give to private individuals (see Fiche DrivingXPerience Particulier), we will look at a solution to enable us to be part of your catalogue as partners.

We could envisage two or three offers that best correspond to your expectations and those of your employees.

Lotus F1 T125

 Apprenez à piloter une F1 de 2011 sur l'un des plus beaux et high-tech circuit du monde, le Circuit H.T.T.T du Castellet, coaché par des Champions du Monde au palmarès International et diplômés. (de 6 à 10 participants maximum)

 La Lotus 125 est une F1 exclusive et ultra performante (moteur V8 Cosworth 3.5 litre non bridé, 640cv, boite semi-automatique 6 vitesses au volant).


Séjours Proposés


 Montagne et pilotage sur glace : Programme à consulter



 Journée Karting : Programme à consulter



 Journée Circuit et pilotage de GT : Programme à consulter


24 H DU MANS 2016

 VIP Guest aux 24 heures du Mans 2016 : Programme à consulter